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Rewrite Mode

“It all started with life hardships leading to a deep...deep reassessment

Reassess. Rewire. Rebirth

Evidently, Rewrite mode is a state. To be in a rewriting mode, is to be on the path towards changing any aspect of your being whether by removing, improving or developing new faculties. To rewrite your blueprint, means to actually change any conditioning acquired since you might have been exposed to it since your childhood or early years of living this life. It is literally transforming yourself and your life.

Scientific studies in the neuroscience and epigenetics field have well proven that you can change your brain, you can change your behaviour and even change your genes or DNA, willingly, intentionally, towards what YOU choose to bring to life into your life.

We are in constant ‘Rewrite Mode’ because we feel that change is the only constant of the human being. As our friend Tom Bilyeu would say  “the human potential is nearly limitless” and we love to explore that human trait !

What would it look like to embody our best self ? What would it look like to live fully, freely, abundantly and joyously all the days of our lives since we are aware of how the human brain works ? 

And you, do you feel like you want to make major changes in your life ?