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Influence Yourself

I understood over years, finally that what you expose yourself to is what you become! This is also a principle of neuro linguistic programming, a technique developed in the 1970s at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Its primary founders are John Grinder, a linguist, and Richard Bandler, an information scientist and mathematician.

Little did i know that i was reprogramming myself while binge watching videos of people that helped me understand so much about different aspects of my entire life. I ended up emerging in this world and practicing diverse types of meditations and practices which benefited me immensely.

On this page, you will discover  some personalities who are literally the building blocks of my newly formatted life. 

I discovered Sadhguru a bit earlier than 2018, but during this year i would listen or watch any of his released videos. He speaks a whole lot about the world and even makes fun of how people choose to live a life devoid of joy and based on their own conditionning and the gathering of their memory rather than creating a new life with the power of their focus and creation.

He points out that change is an endless process. The whole cosmos is evolving everyday, so has to be  the human being by harnessing other dimensions of life. He gives tools on how to build a life based on evolution and instructs about how to inner engineer ourselves. I personally learned how to destroy my ego to let go of who i once were through various meditations and mantra chants on a daily basis. 

Changing is a never ending task. Growth is the only next best step.


Whether he is a man or a god on earth he contributed to turn my life around. From the perception to the way I leaded my everyday life. His special way of looking at life gave me a kick in the butt. 

Discover the mystic, Sadhguru on his YouTube Channel.

Tony Robbins

To me, giant would be the correct qualification for this man. He gets in all wrapped up in some of his books and some podcasts. He delivers how to achieve anything in your life whether it is on the personal level or professional level. A real master of strategies on all spheres of life. He coached the best of the bests, helped millions of people directly and indirectly. 

Tony helped me a lot on developing new perspectives about life and he also helped me find the inner strength and to believe in myself. He defintely helped me understand the power of giving value to others and here I am with you on my e-commerce website! This is my greatest wish.

Tony Robbins - Be the best version of yourself

Tom Bilyeu

This guy is Legendary. From being a couch lazy dude to a Triple winner in life, relationship and as a businessman.

Deep into watching so many of his videos my wife succeeded into taking a barely started company into a well performing and flourishing business