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Think Twice Before Wearing Black Clothes

Colour as we know we know it is a breakdown of white that creates many colours that our eyes can perceive.

Basically  we can see an object in red because we think the material is red. Flase... our eyes see the colour  that has been rejected by the object. So when something is white it means it reflex every colour.

That is actually why when you go somewhere where you know you don't have the control over your environment always wear white so that all energy that doesn't serve you is reflected off you. mainly because you don't know what is happening around you and you don't know what are the thoughts people have towards you. 

Have you ever be so happy before going out even if it's to go shopping or a family diner and come back you feel drain and in a bad mood. You might ask yourself where my good mood went ? it is often because some people's energy is not aligned with your energy. Now everyone has different energy but some people nurture more negative energy than good energy. Our own energy is affected by our mind, thoughts, emotions and whatever we consume.

On the contrary black colour absorb all the energy around. That being said there are some moment where it is actually needed to wear black colour but not on a daily basis.

It might be a bit bold saying that but at least 20% - 25% of people actually go through numerous kind of struggles just because they wear black. When i first acknowledge this fact and tested it by myself I started changing the way i dress and being more careful about what colour i wear. It truly affects the way people react around you.

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